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Indulge yourself – discover Ukraine!

Ukraine is in the very center of Europe, just nearby your home country.

Easy to get in, easy to travel, plenty to discover…

Capital of Ukraine - Kyiv

Cradle of ancient Kiev Rus

            Magnificent city outline made by Orthodox churches and blooming chestnuts

                        Orthodox holy place

                                               Former capital of one of fifteen Soviet republics

                                                           Modern city with interesting art, music, culture, nightlife

                                                                       Beautiful architecture and green parks

Just a few ideas, which Ukraine can show you:

  • Our beautiful cities – Kiev, Odessa, Lviv…
  • Our own Paradise – Crimea peninsula on Black Sea coast – bright sun, sand beaches, magnificent mountains along with historic excursions
  • Sea and river cruises, diving, snorkeling…
  • Natural wonders: Second deep cave in Europe, stalactites & stalagmites caves, озеро синяк
  • Skiing resorts in Carpathians mountains
  • Authentic Hutsuls in Carpathians landscape – rural traditions still alive
  • Green tourism – real farmers life in harmony with nature
  • Activities – rafting, trekking, cycling, horse riding, archery
  • Air dreams: parachuting, paragliding, hot air ballooning, helicopter flights, flight simulators
  • Team-building activities: high-ropes courses, "treasure hunts", paintball etc
  • Nature reserves – Askania-Nova
  • Balneological resort - Truskavets
  • Hunting, fishing
  • Castles – Uzhgorod, Lutsk, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Mezhybozh, Hotin
  • Soviet places, museums, underground stations - artifacts of history
  • Chernobyl –visit the site of worst ecological disaster
  • Strong relations with other nations and different religions
  • Religious tours: Orthodox  - Kiev, Pochaev; Catholics – Lviv; Jewish – Uman; Tatars – Crimea; Greeks – Chersonese, Olvia
  • Wine tours – wine, champagne; Distilleries, producing gorilka (local vodka);
  • Folk shows: kozachok dances, kazak traditions
  • Opera-tours
  • Unique culture happenings: concerts in salt copes.
  • Our national cuisine is worth to taste because it's…tasty
  •  And main treasure: Ukrainians, people

Why, do you think, our people are smiling to everyone?

Because our cuisine is tasty, our air is clear, our landscapes and nature are beautiful, our cities are full of history…

Ukraine – yours to discover!

We offer you a complete package of services in Ukraine:

  • Hotel reservation
  • Transportation services: transfers, car rental, driver car service
  • Multilingual professional guides and interpreters
  • Visa support
  • Sightseeing and all kind of tours
  • Tickets to cultural events and different entertainments
  • Airline and railway tickets
  • VIP service at the airports in Ukraine
  • Insurance
  • MICE:
    • Business meetings
    • Tailor-made programs for incentive groups
    • Corporate events, team-building programs, seminar arrangements
    • Conferences, congresses, symposia: rental of halls, rooms, equipment for simultaneous translation, banquets, receptions

Tour to parks in Chernigov region

Program of weekend


Savka’s House


Breathtaking week-end in Carpathians!

Sorochinskaya Yarmarka 2015

Dates: 22 aug - 23 aug 15 (2 days / 1 night)


Truskavets is the most unique and attractive balneological health resort in Ukraine


Sea-capital of Odessa region, in Ukraine


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